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North Texas Fitness is a premier fitness consulting company based in Mansfield, TX headed by Stephanie Hanson, CI-CPT. NTF offers in-home training, online fitness consulting, supermarket coaching, group exercise, and more. North Texas Fitness is known for its affordable services, personal care, and commitment to customer service. If you live in the Mansfield/Midlothian/Waxahachie area and are interested in personal training packages, contact Stephanie for more information about services and events in your area.

This website, in addition to being the main website for North Texas Fitness, also hosts NTF’s Blog, a thoughtful, regularly updated health & fitness resource. Click to read the North Texas Fitness Blog.

ABOUT STEPHANIE HANSON: Stephanie is a certified personal trainer in Midlothian, TX. She is certified through the Dallas-based Cooper-Institute. She has worked with a huge variety of clientele encompassing all ages and abilities. Stephanie combines her real-world experience with her knowledge of exercise science to write programming that is effective, well-researched, and tailored to you.


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