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The Turkish Get-Up

Today’s post will break down a movement that I believe should have a place in everyone’s strength program: the Turkish Get-Up. It is a comprehensive, full-body movement & its benefits range from increased flexibility to stronger core musculature to increased shoulder stability.  Don’t let this simple movement fool you–it’s more difficult than it looks. Want to be able to get off the floor when you’re 75? Start practicing now.


The Get-Up: Let’s break it down

Firstly, if this is your first time doing a Turkish Get-Up, don’t hold any weight in your hand. You’re better off learning this movement without any load to balance over your face. In the graphic below, omit the steps where the guy is grabbing the kettle-bell and positioning it overhead. Advance to step three.

Step 3

Lie flat on your back with your right leg bent and your left leg flat. Raise your right arm straight up so that it is perpendicular to the floor. Roll onto your left elbow, then your left hand all while keeping your eyes on your right hand, which is still held over your head. Keep your back strong & your shoulder blades down and back.

Step 4

Push through your right (bent leg) heel and your left hand (which is planted on the floor) and raise your hips as high as you can. If someone were to feel your right butt-cheek, it should feel like they’re grabbing a bowling ball. Activating your right glute is key to raising those hips high enough to tuck your left leg under your body.

Step 5

Tuck your left leg under your body and plant the knee on the ground then remove your left hand from the floor so that you’re in a kneeling position. Keep your core STRONG and your chest proud. Your arm should still be straight up in the air, now right next to your ear.

Step 6

Push through the heel of your right foot and stand up. Ta-Da! You’re halfway there.

Step 7

Reverse it! The second half the Get-Up is reversing the movement. So step your left leg back, plant the knee, put your left hand on the ground, untuck your left leg, sit on your butt, and lay back down. You’ve just done a Get-Up! Do 5 on each side with perfect form, don’t get sloppy! You want to build good Get-Up habits so that when you hold a dumbbell or kettlebell or cat or whatever in your raised hand, it won’t fall on your face and knock your teeth out.

Part One

Part One

Part Two

Part Two

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I know you don’t want one of those Life Alert bracelets in your future. DO THE GET-UP and see returns on your time investment.


Later this week I will have an article up on optimizing your thyroid through diet and lifestyle.

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