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Winter Workout



Here in North Texas, it is COLD. Cold for Texans, anyway. The high temp today is a teeth-chattering 45 degrees. For folks like me who do not have a gym membership & workout in their garage, here is an indoor workout that will get you sweating without having to brave the wintry outdoors.




Choose a room where you have lots of free space & no distractions! Set a timer on your phone or computer (here or here) for FIVE rounds of 60 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest. You will spend 1 minute on each exercise & use the 10 seconds between stations catching your breath or grabbing a sip of water. Try to get as many reps as possible for each exercise! Push yourself! 60 seconds isn’t that long.


Station ONE: Pushups. Either from your toes (easy), your knees (easier) or your hands on an elevated surface (easiest) like a couch or coffee table. Keep your body BOARD STRAIGHT all the way through the descent and ascent. No sagging hips or butts in the air, people.


The switch lunge

Station TWO: Switch-Lunge. The switch lunge is going to be hard to keep up for a whole minute but you need to give it everything you got! Here is how you do a switch-lunge (aka jumping lunge): get into a lunge position. Your front shinbone should be straight up and down and your back thighbone should be straight up and down also. Keep your chest proud and your back straight. Exploding upward, jump and switch legs in the air. Upon landing you should already be pretty close to a lunge again. You don’t have to bang your knee into ground. Absorb the impact with your leg muscles and get ready to jump again!


The Plank

Station THREE: Plank. Get into the pushup position. Hold your body straight as a board for 60 seconds. A straight line should be formed from shoulders to heels! Look down at the space between your hands. Remember to breath! 

Station FOUR: Air squat. Pushing your hips BACK and DOWN, sit back like you’re going to sit in a chair. Descend as far as is comfortable for your low back, but ideally you’d squat down until your thighs are parallel with the floor or lower. Stand up. Repeat as fast as possible with good form.

Station FIVE: High Knees. Jogging in place, high step it so that your knees come up past your hip bone. Pump your arms and work hard for 60 seconds!


Rest 2 minutes and then repeat as many times as you can muster. Happy Holidays!


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