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Best Workday Snacks

Hey there!

Here are 5 workday snacks that will keep you feeling focused & energetic during the workday.


Mini Quiche

1. Mini Quiches: Mini quiches are an easy, make-ahead, protein rich item to keep stocked up with at work. Get out your mini muffin pan, sprinkle in your chopped spinach, tomato, mushroom, or ingredients of choice. Spoon your whisked egg over your vegetables & pop in the oven at 350 for 10-15 minutes.

2. Almonds:This is probably a no-brainer. New evidence, however, shows that almonds have way less calories than previously thought–about 20% less! So grab a handful (about an ounce) and reap the benefits of the protein, good fats, and nice texture that raw almonds have.

3. Green Tea: This is probably not a ‘snack’, per se, for most people. But my office is chilly & it keeps my hands and mouth occupied. Start sippin’!


Red Delicious

4. The Humble Apple: Though the apple’s season is fading, this is still an easy, affordable, healthful snack to chow down on. Full of fiber and minerals, it is not super juicy or messy like some other fruits & has about 1/3 sugar of a ripe banana.

5. Cottage cheese: Bringing a container of this filling, creamy snack to work is pretty simple. Go ahead and buy organic on this one— you don’t need the antibiotics and hormones floating around in factory-farmed dairy. Buy organic cottage cheese (full-fat) and reap the benefits of CLA, protein, and satiating fat!

There you have it, FIVE work snacks to keep your munchies at bay. Post your favorite work snacks below!


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